The mystery that is doctors...

On a funny buy scary note a woman in Spain was diagnosed with flatulence ends up giving birth, no one figured out she was pregnant!

I have mixed feelings about Doctors. About 6 family members and friends of mine (maybe more) are medical Doctors and I like all of them just fine, I admire all the hard work and dedication is took to get where they are, but I hate going to see the Doctor.

I book an appointment, run the gauntlet of speaking to the evil receptions who would admit no body if you gave her the chance and then wait. Its the waiting that does it, I get the urge to leave but don't and after what seems like an eternity they call you in...

The thing is Doctors, especially GPs see loads and loads of people everyday, many are over worked and tired of people wasting their time. So I get a tad paranoid that they are judging you the second you walk in the door. If you under 30, many have the idea that nothing could possibly be wrong with you so you are A. Depressed or B. Attention seeking in order to get time off. The GPs at my uni were notorious for this behavior.

I find once you get in the room you have 10 second to state your problem, anything after that is totally ignored, they say maybe one sentence to you as they are already writing out your prescription. Plus after that 10 seconds my mind goes blank, I should have the spine to say more but instead I'm silent. Before I know it I'm in the lobby with a prescription for generic pain killers and I'm think but I don't need painkillers!

So imagine my surprise when my current doctor not only listens to what I have to say but keeps on talking, in fact she talks so quickly and laughs every other sentence, my husband and I keep looking at each other in disbelief. I'm still in the lobby a few mins later and still bewildered but this time somethings might happen. So 3 years and four doctors later I'm finally being treated for something they knew I probably had four years ago...go figure.


  1. I love my doctor. She's just excellent. She says things like, "When did you get those pierced?" and "You might think about removing those."

  2. You have mixed feelings about doctors, I have mixed feelings about flatulent pregnancies or pregnant flatulence. Mixed feelings like fear and panic or dread and laughter. Either. Or. Or, as Kierkegaard wrote, "Either/Or."

  3. My wife just changed doctors, and the new one found an assload of problems that the old one should have seen for years....

    Needless to say, we were more than a little annoyed.


  4. I still haven't signed up for a doctor here, and it's been over a year since I moved...

    Mainly because I don't trust anyone to actually care about me in a capitalist system; private health insurance is a must in the States, and doctors earn good money if they prescribe the medication the pharmaceuticals want them to prescribe.

  5. yeah I hate my Dr. I need a new one. I need to go to the Dr. I have had a cough for months.

  6. I hate that Doctors usually over book their patients and we all have to wait a very long time to get to see them...then they only give you three seconds of thier time...I have a doctor, tho that is not like that at all...She spends a lot of time with each patient. We all have to be our own advocates when it comes to our health.

  7. I try to avoid going to the doctor as much as I possibly can. I hate the waiting room and I'm always terrified that they might really find something seriously wrong with me.

  8. I don't go to the doctor... cuz I don't have health insurance and it sucks! On another note... how the hell do you not know you're pregnant? Oh my God!

  9. mist & odat- your one of the luck ones

    laughorist - it is rather worrying

    steve - gald she found a decent dr :-)

    urgusabic - I shall look disapprovingly at you when I see you!

    Natalie - hope you cough gets better

    Laura - I'm so with you on the waiting room thing

    Shelia - Exactly! I mean how do you not notice contractions!

  10. Ugh! I had problems after a recent surgery and was told it was normal post-op recovery and that I should just take some anxiety meds! Only after being very insistent that my symptoms could not possibly be normal did the docs discover (several visits later) that I really did have a physical condition that required treatment should I wish to continue to breathe. I wonder what would have happened if I just took the anxiety meds? Perhaps I would have been so calm that I would not have cared if I could breathe or not?

  11. "Exactly! I mean how do you not notice contractions!"

    Those aren't contractions. You're probably just anxious.

    (just kidding) :p


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