May the force be with you Harry...

Before I start I must tell you I love Harry Potter and I love Star Wars even more. I'm sure you've all heard this before but I need to write it down, Harry Potter is Star Wars. Wait! I'm not saying JK Rowling is evil and stole the story or anything, no nothing like that but they are both 'The Hero's Journey' etc and both stories take their own directions and twist and turn.
***Note Spoilers of the Harry Potter Books below***

To begin with:
Harry = Luke (our young orphan Hero living with and aunt and uncle)
Ron = Han Solo (the atypical Hero who gets the girl)
Hermione = Leia (the annoying female, though I quite like Hermione, See Muggle net for the whole love triangle thing)

but that's not all, even the side characters have parallels...

Dumbledore = Yoda (gives themselves up for the greater good etc)
Sirius Black = Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi (I'll protect you as a surrogate father, then die...)
Hagrid = Chewbacca
Voldermort = Emperor (EVIL hahaha!)
Malfoy = Vadar (evil, but not evil...)
Snape = Lando Calrissiann (can we trust him, we can't trust him)
House Elves = The Ewoks (random cute creatures)
Hedwig = R2-D2
Cruikshanks = C3-PO

I really could do this all day. Still not convinced? just think about it for a little while...You are strong in the force Harry, I mean essence they are the same story, the age old story, how good defears evil in the end...but wait we could always go back to the prequel and see how this can to be.  For a time evil won the battle and corrupted Vadar/Voldermort but fear not, for this is how heroes are made.


  1. Nice comparison of Harry Potter & Star Wars. It seems very logical. But wasn't Harry Potter really Larry Potter, and some woman from Virginia, whose children's book was out of print, got paid off by JK Rowling's publisher to keep quiet about the whole thing? The similarities were astonishing. Sorry for bringing it up.

  2. I hadn't heard about that!

    Interesting read here...

    Turns out the other women was just a bit loopy, menaing It could all still be star wars :-) Chances are both women have see the movies...

  3. I reckon C-3PO is Neville Longbottom!

    The Larry Potter woman sounds like a nut. If anyone has any right to sue its Jill Murphy author of The Worst Witch.

  4. I am pretty sure that you are brilliant.

    I love Harry Potter. I used to hide the books in shame. No more. Proudly on my shelf.

  5. Fantastic comparison. I am also a fan of both (although those new Star Wars episodes kind of make me want to die but III was pretty good). Does it make anyone other than me mad that you can now get the original star wars movies without those lame added scenes. I just can't bring myself to buy them now though even though it's all I wanted to begin with. Damn commercial crap.

  6. I'm not really nuts about either one of them...

    Does this mean we can't be friends anymore? ;)


  7. Never thought about this until now. Will read Harry Potter again and take into account what you said. How interesting! Thanks for sharing! c",)

  8.'re really into this!!!
    I liked Star Wars...but not really a Harry Potter fan...(ok, ok, don't kill me!)

  9. It cool it you don't like either it was just my brain rambling on...My own sister claims she doesn't understand star wars! (What is so difficult about it?)

    R2-D2 really is the best

  10. I've never read/seen the HArry Potter books or movies, but I have every word of Star Wars committed to memory. Thanks to yor great post, I know I never have to see Harry Potter because I already have...and it had a Death Star!

  11. I enjoyed the Harry Potter books and the Star Wars movies. But this is probably the first time I've ever seen anyone make parallels between the two of them. Certainly food for thought. Well done!


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