It's Halloween! Even though we went to a Halloween Party on Saturday (complete with costumes and men dressed up as Nuns, its never right without some cross dressing). I've always liked Halloween. As kids my sister and I used to dress up and watch horror movies all night (people don't really go trick or treating here). So when going to a Halloween party you have to ask all the right questions, is it scary fancy dress or can you wear anything ...or is it more wear black and some devil horns that you can abandon later in the night? Otherwise you arrive in full gear ready to mingle and find that everyone else is wondering why on earth you came looking like that. Especially as all the other girls are wear their sexiest gear they own and your there dressed like a twit…So imagine my relief when we arrive at the party, throw off our coats and quickly get ready in the hall before knocking and everyone is in full dress, from head to toe and underneath (the male nuns were in stockings) and the man-cow with udders was particularly impressive. Note only a fool would take public transport in fancy dress and there were many of them about on Saturday night.
I thought I'd seen it all and Halloween fever was almost over until I saw this pic.

It seems New Yorkers had a Howl-a-ween and even though its soooo bad, but I can't help but look


  1. LoL

    Man-cow on the metro!

    I like the superdog with his arms; and (s)he looks happy/confused too!

  2. Haha! I'm picturing the costumes you described and they seem like great fun.

    Cute doggy pics!

  3. Baby Boy and I just got back from our mother and baby group - I feel a little silly, but oh well. It said on the leaflet 'Halloween party' and so Boy was all dressed up as a pumpkin, and THANKFULLY I left my bat wings at home - but still wore my black and orange tights and NO ONE ELSE DRESSED UP. A couple of people told me 'funky tights' but then walked away giving me THAT LOOK. Pictures on my blog soon-ish.

  4. I am convinced that Halloween was created to give men a chance to dress like women.

  5. Love the picture. Those dogs are so cute in their little costumes. I wonder if my cat will let me dress her up today.

  6. I feel ashamed to admit that I actually laughed at the pic with the dog in the wonderwoman costume.

    Very ashamed. ;)


  7. I love going to Halloween parties..altho this year I was sick. But love to see the weird costumes people come up with. Glad you had a good time.


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