Good Friday

Friday's here (cue Friday I'm in Love - The Cure) , it is time to celebrate, oh wait have to get through work first. Today work won't be so bad, why, well its Jeans for Genes day. I'm not sure if this is international for just here in the UK but the idea it everyone wears a pair of jeans to work or school etc and you donate a pound or two to the Jeans for Genes charity (they help kids with Genetic disorders). Loads of work places have dress down down etc (we don't), but it is always nice to come in wearing whatever you like, plus its a very good cause. It also has the added bonus of annoying the boss of another department, as she is the only one who likes us to dress 'properly'. I'm waiting for her to be annoyed that I'm daring to wear a t-shirt, cause its jeans day not t-shirt day...

Another good thing happened yesterday, New Scientist published a letter I wrote, so I can have a silly grin on my face all day.

Lastly the funniest news of the day E is his wanderings far and wide has discovered a Professor Kling Ong. It took me a while to believe but this is his genuine name, how cool it that! And to him I say KAHPLAH!


  1. yIchId tlhInganpu' tu'lu'be' 'e' luSov SenwI' rIlwI' je (Come on, everyone knows that Klingons don't exist!)

  2. Did not know it wsa Jeans for Genes day, drat, I now notice people at work wearing jeans and feel a tad silly.

    Congrats about the article, trust you to know such facts and write in.


  3. I have great jeans. I also have pretty good genes. Thanks Mom & Dad!

  4. What a great thing to do! (we're not allowed to wear jeans either in my office ;-(
    and Congrats on the letter being published!!!
    Have a great Friday!!!

  5. YOu just made a Klingon reference...

    Seeng as I am a bonafide Trekkie...this gave me a boner.

    Well done. ;)


  6. We arn't alouhjd to wear jeans, even if it's a good cause.

    I don't care what he teaches, I will enroll immediately in Professor Ong's class ;-)

    That reminds me of a new driect TV ad I saw last night. It has Chekov, Spock and Kirk in it and I think they all recently filmed the part. Although closer examination reveals that they did some computer magic with shatner's face or neck. I'll see if I can find it online. Have a great weekend!

  7. We have those jeans charity days in the US too. But we have to wear not only jeans but also attire that covers the upper body as well. People in the US are such prudes!

    Congrats on getting published. :)

  8. Remind me to never mention Star Trek to Steve again!

    They made an advert with Kirk, Chekov and Spock I have to see this!

    Kirk did some ads for ALL BRAN over here and they were dreadful!


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