Five tagged...

Its seems work have blocked blogger so I'm going to have to post in the evenings from now...

I've been tagged to come up with lists...

Five Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire: (after the normal stuff, charity and helping my folks)
- Leave my job and start writing until I finish a damn book
- Travel around the planet for a few years, seeing all the history I can
- Pay for me and my husband to go back to university a Phd
- Buy my dream home in London
- Eat all the Sushi I want!

Five Bad Habits:
- Worrying far too much about money
- Having no patience with my family
- Being to lazy to finish my writing
- Hating my job but doing nothing about it
- getting annoyed over tiny things

Five Things I Hate Doing:
- Nothing (I loath doing Nothing)
- Going shopping with relatives
- Tasks for people who don't appreciate it
- Working with no purpose
- Apologising for things that aren't my fault

Five Things I Would Never Do:
Can't say I change my mind all the time so there is nothing I wouldn't do give the right situation...

Five Things I Regret Doing:
I'm not sure, I try not to regret anything and just live with it. Life it to short to regret stuff you can't change

Five Favorite Things (objects): Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten... oh mine OK...
- My battered copy of Lord of the Rings
- My scrape book of college/uni etc
- My Red Wings Jersey
- The green Shawl my mother used to wrap us up in as kids
- Sootsy (my pink puppet bear)

Five People I Choose To Do This:
Last One Here (cos he still hasn't done it)
JR Thumbprints


  1. Some of the things that you hate doing and some of your bad habits are similar to mine, so I'll come up with other answers. :-)

    Thanks for the tag! I'll do it tomorrow.


  2. Gee whiz! Your work has blocked blogger! Time to organize a strike!

    Actually I might get something done if my work did that...but I work from that'd be kinda hard. I could pickett myself. As if the neighbors don't think I'm strange enough!

  3. Look forward to reading yours Lizza.

    Alex your Tagged! Odat was already take so your it.

    Lee - striking is temping but I found away around the ban just don't tell

  4. Working with no purpose is the only kind of work worth doing...

    Maybe this is why I never get anything important done. ;)


  5. About that charity...if you happen to become a millionaire, I am a charity case.

  6. That sucks that your work blocked the site. I am right there with you on the Red Wings jersey! Hell yes!

  7. I did post it, I just got a wild hair up my @$$ and posted another. Although yours is much better than mine, I was kinda surprised to not see LIVER on your list of favorite things. LOL Thanks for playing

  8. lol..was just going to say , Hey!!! I did mine....
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great list. I'm still laughing at the May Favorite Things reference!

  10. I would eat a lot of sushi, too....maybe even open up a sushi restaurant (so I would never have to pay for it)!!

  11. Have known you in person for years now, that is a really tre and honest reflection, though I am not sure I understood some of the humour.


  12. Shopping with relatives - Ugh! Makes me think of clothes shopping my mother...she tends to point out stuff that I would never ever wear in a million years and then gets miffed when I don't heed her suggestions.


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