Driving in to infinity

I blogged ages ago (open road) about how my rather bizarre family only like to spend time together if it involves a car. This morning I was wondering what to yap about today when I cam across this...
Now this isn't the first time I've hear of people listening to their Sat-nav rather then their brains. In fact its rather common for people down in Avon to drive into a river cos of this marvellous invention its rather common to fish people out.

A few years ago my family and I piled into the car and drove to the Highlands of Scotland (some 500 miles) from London. The best thing about the roads in the Highlands are ones with signs saying 'Warning, not suitable for learner drivers and others of a nervous disposition! '.

Was this trip a mistake...well we returned a day early not speaking to one another. The point was my dad had just got a shiny new car, please note my father spends more time in his car then in his house. He loves the thing, to him a 100mile trip is 'just down the road'. My father also likes to think he knows all the roads and major routes in Britain, thus he often takes short cuts and side roads. So when he learned that the new car had Sat-Nav he was a little reluctant to try it, but as we were planning this trip he thought he'd test it out. We've been to Scotland like a million times, even I know the roads, so this was a good opportunity to see if the system worked. There we were programing it and tinkering. After a few miles we switched off the voice that tells you 'turn left in 300 meters' every bloody second, to which my dad would reply 'but I don't want that road!' as if the machine would understand. Then we had to turn off the irritating ping noise each time it wanted you to do something. By the 50mile mark we'd abandoned it all together. Once we arrived at our cottage my dad decided he'd been hasty and we'd try it again then next day. You can guess what happened, a few miles later I think he would have tossed the thing out the window and driven over it a few times for good measure, luckily I found the off button.


  1. I have a better navigation system--my wife. She drives me everywhere, except to work.

  2. My personal favourite is the way your Dad looks down every turning to see if there's a potential short-cut. He does love driving though!

  3. I can see why people have accidents with those damn things...
    Also the fact that you guys drive on the wrong side of the road! I visited Scotland and drove up to the Isle of Skye...I was ok while on staight roads, but as soon as I made any turns I immediately went to the right...It's a good thing the car rental people put a sign in the back window: "visitor to Great Britain"...to warn you guys!!

  4. I always know a better route. I scream at the thing too.

    "Recalculating. Turn left."


    "Recalculating. Turn left."

    "I will f*cking throw you of of the window if you don't shut up."

  5. I have a better navigation system--my wife. She drives me everywhere, except to work.

    I know, I know, that was the comment of the guy a couple people above me...but you know what...it holds true for me as well. ;)


  6. I don't have one of those things in my car. It is such a distraction... plus I don't exactly have a newer car. If I am lost I get out my cell phone and say "Daddy.... I'm lost help me"


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