"Blogging is just Narcissism"

I over heard someone on the bus when I was on my way into work claim the that 'people who blog are just narcissist', so of course I'm sitting there reading my book totally annoyed but eaves dropping. Hey if you don't want people to listen to you conversation on the bus - don't yap so loud. Anyway, I concluded the guy was a moron. How is blogging any different to a journal, diary or autobiography? You don't have to be self-obsessed to want to talk about your views, do you? Does this mean that all the people wrote published life stories or diaries are ego driven, I think not, look at Anne Frank, I hardly thing she started keep her diary because of some sense of self importance. I mean imagine a world without this fantastic medium or diaries etc how would we vent out little frustration or amusing anecdotes. Blogging especially not only lets you write your way out of bored but is the ultimate tool for human curiosity, you can read a little bit of a total strangers life and views, learn about people you'd never be able to meet in real life, how is that not good for society? Anyway that's my rant about other people is over, now we can return to more important matters like me!


  1. I think it's true that blogging can be narcissistic, but not necessarily in all cases. I agree that it's an excellent way to relieve boredom and to get to know about other people from all over the world. Nice post.

  2. I too take notes on people's converations..especially when they're on cell phones and on public transportation...talk about egos!!! Anyway...I agree with Lizza that there are some who only blog because they want the world to know how important they are but not like use nice bloggers...who want to share a thought or a joke or a rant or a rave and if someone reads it, fine..if not, fine too!

  3. Perhaps bus man has a dreadfully boring blog that no one takes interest in, so now he is bitter. ;)

  4. Ooooh, narcissism sucks. I knew I guy that had it. He kept falling asleep all the time.

  5. That person on the bus is just a moron. I think blogging is great and if anyone doesn't think so... well just don't read them. Simple as that! I enjoy your blog so keep em coming!

  6. HA!

    The day I am considered a narcissit is the day that I give a pig a blog job.

    *wipes pig spooge from his mouth to hide teh evidence* ;)


  7. With my psychological background, I would venture a guss that some bloggers are more seeking acceptance than narcissistic. That of course doesn't apply to myself or any of the great blogs I read (we obviously just like to talk), just a thought.

  8. I'm kind of new at this blogging stuff but I think it's great. Theraputic in a way. I can jot down my feelings, express anger, share my joy, etc. I also can get a small glimpse into the lives of other people. Some I know personally and others I have never met, but I can relate to them by their writings of their views on life. Nice post.

  9. Some people like to put a negative spin on anything. Some people like to try and makes themselves look worldly by talking loudly and using words like "narcissistic."

    Seriously, when was the last time you use narcissistic in a conversation?



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