being ill

I've been home sick the past 2 days.I should be laying down in from the TV letting my brain turn to mush in the land of daytime (which is awful and yet some how addictive). Instead I've spent my time walking around the flat stir crazy fixing stuff and cleaning. When I'm at work, I wish i was home, now I'm home I'm feeling guilty about work. Why oh why do our minds do this to us? Here I am in pain but feeling worse for not being at my job (which i do not love). Guilt really sucks but on the plus side my bathroom is sparkling.

So in my woe I've come up with 10 things you should never feel guilty about...

1. Eating food when you are hungry
2. Farting (we all do it)
3. Sleeping
4. Being sick (even if everyone in your workplace/school never seem to be ill)
5. Feeling happy
6. Feeling lonely
7. Wanting love or sex (we all need it, none of us would be here without it)
8. Not meeting other peoples expectations
9. Treating yourself
10. Things that are beyond your control.

I'm off to lay down with my book and wait for my husband to come home and take care of me.


  1. I recently got over my guilt about taking naps. It's time for one now.

  2. Great list. I don't think anyone can argue a single point you've made. Hope you feel better!

  3. Should I add to that list?
    11. Reading blogs at work!


  4. I can't even do housework when I am home and well let alone home and sick. You are a very impressive lady.


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