Its Wednesday, the middle of the week, if we can get past today its a home run to the weekend.

Today in 1922 the BBC was established. In honour of that event I say Thank You! We might have to pay for a TV license in order to fund the BBC but its well worth it. Just having a channel that doesn't interrupt your programme with adverts at all, (until the show is finished) is priceless. I could go on and name a million brilliant things the BBC has produced, but to me two things will always make the BBC wonderful, The Broom Cupboard and David Attenborourgh. The thing is the BBC is more then just television, its good Radio and decent News as well, in fact I'd go so far to say that it is an integral part of life in the UK.

The Broom Cupboard was a children's entertainment show that ran after school Monday to Friday from 1985- 1994. Presenters included the rather amusing Phillip Schofield and never ageing Andi Peters (I think the sold their souls to the God of the Cupboard for eternal youth) plus puppet side kick! It bought the like of Thundercats, Blue Peter, The Really Wild Show, News Round and tonnes more, to children all over the UK. All under the pretence that the presenter was stuck in a cupboard somewhere in BBC headquarters broadcasting through adversity for us children. You'd see them queuing up the next programme, adjusting the boom mic and just making stuff up when things went wrong. For years I actually thought they were in a cupboard, afternoons were never the same without it. Even though its gone now and scary happy children presenters with a big budget have taken its place I'll never forget it.

The Second reason are all the David Attenborough documentary series'. My personal favourites include Blue Planet and Life of Mammals. Even though we had Sky from a young age with about a zillion documentary channels none were ever as good, informative and gripping as the one Produced by the BBC and written by Attenborough himself.


  1. You're forgetting Maid Marian and her Merry Men, the best TV show EVAR!

  2. We get come BBC news on the radio over here.....But our PBS station is probably the equivelant of this...has excellent shows and no ads!!!!

  3. oops...the third word up there should be "some", not

  4. I get to see Blue Planet and Life of Mammals here in the US on Discovery Science. Oh how I love the Discovery Science channel!

  5. e - How could I be such a fool, Maid Marian was the best Robin Hood show ever!

    odat - lol

    lee - Don't get me wrong I love the multiple discovery channels too.


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