two heads are better?

How can it only be Wednesday?

I was tempted not to post anything to day from shear lack of will. The fact is today has been a extremely long never ending abyss of misery. Ok I'm exaggerating a bit but it really has sucked. I would explain but it would just bore you as much as it bores me. So instead I offer you something from the world of weird..

Yes its real, it was found in on 27th September 2005 in Havana

Just when you thought you'd seen it all.


  1. WOW! It's like that monster in Willow!! Only it looks real!!! Someone should call Willow Ulfgood and Madmartigan to deal with it!

  2. Wow! 'Siamese twin' turtles, I guess.

  3. Very cool. Do they have to take turns fitting back into the shell?

  4. I never thought about the fitting back in the shell, but what happens when ones wants to go right and the other left?

    Maybe they are Psyhic Siamese turtles, breed to battle the teenaged ninja variety...


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