Tuesday is here and I can't believe how slowly this week is passing, at least I finally got the Boomtown Rats out of my head. I was thinking this morning about Time (as I do when left to my own devices), for example last week I was super busy and the week flew by before I could even blink. There just wasn't enough time, not this week, no I'm equally busy but time seems to be crawling. It is not just me I often find on days or weeks when I am thinking "time is moving quickly" other people (to whom I've said nothing) also point out that time has sped up for them as well. But of course your watch will tell you the same thing today as it did yesterday, 60 seconds = 1 min, 60 mins= 1 hour and so forth. The universe might be in 'chaos' on the sub-atomic level but even here in someways time keeps order.

"But most people are not aware that "time" also has geometry. In school we are taught that time is linear and that it moves from past to future. This is only partly true.

Time is only half of a frequency. We only see the forward moving part of the frequency. In reality, time moves a half step forward and then a half step backward. This is why subatomic particles are observed to have "half spin". We see the effect of the Aether spinning a ring of one dimensional mass forward in time, but we can't see the ring of mass spinning backward in time." (http://www.16pi2.com/physics_of_time.htm)

Time is a constant, but is there a formula that accounts for time interacting with consciousness. Can people change the perception of time? Can we change it more if their are more of us willing it to speed up or slow down? Like the physics dude says we only perceive time going forward because our atoms and molecules are moving forward (in time) but this isn't the whole 'truth', it is just that we can't perceive time going backwards.

On another note about Time "according to Einstein, whenever you do something to space, you also affect time. Twisting space causes time to be twisted, meaning you could theoretically walk through time as you walk through space." (http://www.physorg.com/news63371210.html). So then i have to ask if thought is powerful enough to affect space ergo time?

But that's a whole other blog...


  1. I like the whole stuff about antimatter going backwards in time and is one theory for deja vous.
    I also like the Boomtown Rats......

  2. I once heard someone say, "Time is what keeps everything from happening all at once." What the feck. Tick. Tock. Click. Clack. Laugh. Or. Cry. (This post has likely been a waste of your time. Apologies.)

    STRUFV - St. Ruf. V.

  3. I remember as a young kid once laying out watching the stars and the moon one night trying to contemplate eternity. I'm lucky I still have my sanity after that!!

  4. Just yesterday at work we were lamenting that this week seems to be going by really, really slowly. And here you are, all the way across the ocean saying the exact same thing! I think that the time atoms must just be out of whack or something. Otherwise how to explain how s-l-o-w-l-y this week is passing?

  5. time is messing with my head, if I think about this too much I get totally spaced out. I can't do the stars thing, if I even try I can't speak normally for days

    Parlancheq - Now I'm getting more and more freaked out by the time-thought idea...


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