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Have you ever seen the move Office Space? Sometimes I would love to wake up and decided (about work) that I'm just not going to go anymore and see what happens. Then of course my logic kicks in and I know, no work means no money and no money will lead to eviction but it is still nice to think about what I'd do with myself if I could do anything.

Anyway the reason I mention to movie is because I think almost all offices have the same stock characters. The tyrannical boss who thinks s/he is the centre of the universe. The annoying person who is the perfect arse kisser, the idiot who is always messing things up but will never be fired, the list goes on. Luckily the tyrant whom I like the call Frau Farbissina regularly has a hissy fit at her staff, (thank goodness my boss is a nice and a decent person).

Most of the time I just ignore her even when she's spying on me, as I know there is nothing Frau can do to me, but I do feel bad for the others. Recently she has been clashing with one of the manager (they used to work together and it wasn't pretty) in the office down the hall and they regularly air their annoyance with one another in the early morning when I'm the only one present. I have to bite my lip to not laugh. This morning it was "did you know so and so left early cos you let so and so go early" to which the other points out "how I manage my staff is none of your concern" etc. They both spend the rest of the time being civil with clinched teeth until the next early morning spat, last week it was about parking spaces. Its soooo petty but I can't help but find it funny.


  1. Wow,
    When did you visit my office?? It is funny how the same template fits every workplace though, isn't it...

  2. It terrible starting a new job cos then yout have to try and re-sort the carzies from the even crazier...


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