nice work, how do I get it?

It would appear that my plans for world domination may take a little longer then expected but until that day I'll just have to carry on like normal. So it finally Friday in what was possibly the longest week known to man, but of course the weekend will go by at hyper speed.

I was thinking this morning about work, I mean the concept of work in general and I have to admit even if I had a million pounds I'd still need to be doing something. Of course I'd waste my time writing cringe worthy novels and painting. Even when I get a week off work to just chill out I can't sit still, for the first two days I relax and calm down, then I have to spend a day cleaning in the vain attempt to prove I'm doing something but this points its only Tuesday, so I devise tasks and events to fill the rest of the week. Even though I don't want to go back to the office on Monday in a way it lets me value the weekend all the more. I deserve to rest and waste time if I've been working, but feel guilty if I haven't. The worst part of this is over time, yes you don't have to do but really you do and then if try and claim it people act as if they are doing you a favor by letting you work here and how dare you ask for pay...What I need is a change in attitude as disillusionment isn't working.

But there are people out there who can do nothing and not feel guilty, they don't go stir crazy and get the urge to hyper organise no they are quite happy watching TV or whatever it is they do. This fascinates and annoys me…Then there is the other side, people like my father. My dad will be 60 next year and I suggest he retire before 70, he didn't like that at all. He looked me right in the eye and said 'Why would I retire?' and meant it. Of course I can't wait to retire and I'm only 24! My dad, if he lived to 100 would happily work till then and beyond. Just because he can imagine life without work and he's an accountant it not like the job it that interesting.

So I want to know if I can't do nothing, how do I get the motivation to keep doing something that bores me?


  1. To deal with the problem of coping with a job that bores you, I'd say get a blog, but of course you already have.

    I can't stand my job and am very bored with it as there is no room for the creative minded there. The blogging helped me a lot. So does day dreaming ;-)

    I work hard and enjoy my time off. Spend your time off doing what you truly love to do and have that as your motivation to get through work.

  2. Hmm, common theme... I hate my job too! I used to think if I worked really hard I'd get a promotion or something and it would be more interesting. That didn't work (promotion yes, but equally boring). So, now I just do as little as possible and save all my energy for the 75% of the week when I am not at work. I keep thinking someone will catch on and fire my butt, but no. Apparently mediocrity is acceptable in the workplace. Guess bosses hate their jobs too.

  3. Why does it seem the higher up you are the less work you actully do?


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