Monday Monday...

It's Monday and like my hero Garfield I hate Mondays.

I did write this whole post about how boring work was etc but I go bored writing it, so I can only imagine how boring it would be for someone else to read.

Instead I'm leaving you with something funny in the hope that today gets better…
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  1. I love garfield. isn't he great? I also hate mondays. They are horrifying. To think that a perfectly good weekend has slipped so quickly by me once again... well it's just depressing... hi ho hi ho it's off to watch tons of kids I go.... hope you had a nice weekend.

  2. I too hate Mondays. I have long advocated changing Mondays to Fundays. I thought it sounds better and would permanently remove Monday from the calendar!

  3. Ha! I love Dilbert. I think my boss took lessons from his boss. :)


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