Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

The last few week of August were cold and wet but lo and behold September is here and warming us up a little before the horrid winter freeze. My parents have a lovely garden and as a kid I'd climb trees and stuff all day everyday then I moved out and haven't had that private little bit of greenery since.

I used to be able to go out on the roof here at work and enjoy the quiet contentment of sitting in the sun and reading my book on my lunch break. After doing this for more then a year the people at health and safety decided that this was a dangerous habit and I have thus been banned and must trapes out to Shepherds Bush Green if I want to leave to office. Now I have traffic and have to be on guard least anyone gets too close for comfort.

Though I have to grateful London really is a rather green city, we are lucky to have such lovely parks and little squares. You get daffodils in spring all over the place and blossoms trees, not to mention the vast number of weeping willows and oaks just hanging around. My only problem is, all the people... I love that feeling of the sun on your face and the wind her your hair and the soft whisper of a breeze but its so much nicer without strangers coming up and sitting right by you.
It is like people can't handle being on their own, this extends beyond the park. When we were in Australia last, Eoin and I were on this totally empty cove, it was so beautiful just the clear water and unspoiled sand and then after a while these people show up with their kids and even though they have miles of empty beach to choose from they set up camp right next to us...drives me mad...


  1. It's clearly because people still have some sort of herd mentality going on. Or they're jealous that you've gotten the best spot and want to steal yours.

  2. We used to have these great pine trees all around my office building and it was so nice to sit right outside, where there are some benches. But last month, they cut all the pine trees down! It looks awful. And the worst part: no more nice shaded benches outside the office. :(


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