Ice Hockey

I'm not a big fan of sports, I never liked playing them as a kid and I still don't. Football is like a religion here in Europe. Cricket is like a Religion in south Asia and I really can get a grip in either. They bore me, nothing about them can hold my attention. But I am excited but the 2012 Olympics as they'll be held here in out fair city and I might even get to watch them in the flesh. The Olympics are something different, you get people of all shapes and sizes able to do the most amazing things. So why am I suddenly yapping about sports, cos there is one that I Love, Ice Hockey and next week the regular season starts again (for the NHL).

Why Ice Hockey? Well when my sister and I were kids we watched an awful Rob Lowe movie called 'Young Blood' and some how along the way I was hooked. We got sky a few months later and thus NHL weekly became a permanent feature in my Saturday morning. Two years later we heard a rumour, there was an ice hockey team movie all about kids! Yes you know where this is going 'The Mighty ducks'. You have to keep in mind they do play ice hockey in Britain but it isn't great and the London teams are awful (trust me I've seen them play). So all we had were movies and the weekly digest on NBC. My sister supported the Chicago Blackhawks and I took the Detroit Red Wings. At the time (1992) the Wings hadn't won a Stanley Cup since 1955. My sister thought it was funny that a picked a team that seemed like losers, while the Blackhawks looked likely to win the league that year. 3 years later in 1995 my faith was justified and the Wings made it to the final, they didn't win but they proved how brilliant a team they were. I've been a loyal fan ever since. My husband (who supports the New Jersey Devils) took me to see my first live Hockey game on my 21st birthday, I'll never forget it. Even though I'm sad the Steve Yzerman has retired and Sergei Fedorov is not longer there, I'm hoping one day I'll see the Wings play for real but till then RED WINGS RULE!!!!

On a totally separate note I just have to say this sounds scary


  1. Yes the story sounds scary and did not make a lot of sense either



  3. I love hockey. I also love toothless men. Will be at the Thrashers opening game, although am partial to Colorado.

    What's up with the octopi throwing?

  4. Go Devils!!!!!!!!!!!! (even tho I live in NY)....


  5. I don't watch much hockey but have attended several Mighty Ducks games as they are just a few minutes away. Best time: front row right behind the!!

  6. I grew up in Minneapolis and spent much of my time Figure Skating at the same rinks where they filmed the Mighty Ducks movies. I was an extra in the 2nd one but don't think I ever showed up on screen. Anyway, Hockey players smell really bad and leave their funk in the locker rooms (most of their pads are leather and therefore can't be washed) and spit in the goal boxes making it vey nasty when a nice little figure skater needs to retie her boots. It's an all right game though I guess.

  7. I don't watch much sports...this makes me an incredible dissapointment to my father. ;)


  8. hey Whats up with all the Devils Fans? I blame you E!!!

    The Octopi throwing has a long history it started in 1952 and fans have done it ever snice there is a long detailed reason see here and due to this Al the Octopus has become the teams mascot.

    i'm jelous of you all! Apart from Natalie i can't imagine hockey spit is very nice.

    Steve - My dad only had two daughters neither of which like sport. The poor guy almost caught a break with me liking hockey but having to stay up till 3am to watch a game isn't all that fun.

  9. Sorry, I don't like ice hockey. My kids aren't much into it either, so I'm pretty clueless about who's good and who's not.

    Jesus camp is scary! I think all those kids should go to ice hockey camp instead.


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