I love reading, in fact I could read all day. The up side being, I get through books pretty quickly the bad part is I spend all my money on them (and comics). Which means my flat it packed to the brim and moving is a nightmare, as my helpful friends will testify. So you end up with loads of those books that sit on your bookcase for ages before you finally think you in the mood for it. So on Monday I read Holes by Louis Sachar. Which was excellent, I think this is a really big book in the states but its not massive here so I knew nothing about it.

From the first few pages I was hocked and I can see why it had so much appeal, not just to kids but adults as well. After about 10pages not only to you really like the protagonist Stanley Yelnats and his humours bad luck but want to know where on earth it going. The bad part is that I read it all in one go so I had to pick a new book on Tuesday. I hate picking a new book after reading a really good one cos chances are its going to be a let down.

Anyway after reading the book so fast I had to see the movie and shockingly the movie is just as good as the book. Now you can't tell me that is normal, the whole good books to film adaptation ratio is appalling. Hollywood has run out of ideas which is why are the tapping the book and comic market so heavily.


  1. Not sure if it would be a piece of useful/helpful information or not.
    Books Etc are having a book sale tomorrow.


  2. Holes is a great book! My kids had to read it in school, so I read it too.


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