Faraway, So Close!

Years and years ago I watched a bizarre German movie called Wings of Desire it turned out to be one of the most depressing things I'd ever seen (please don't get this confused with the Hollywood remake City of Angels which is really very different), so of course I like it. I finally got around to watching the sequel Faraway, So Close!. It is totally off the wall, it begins in the same dark introspective vein as Wings but then suddenly jumps into colour and becomes its own movie, both funny and sad. It is about another Angel who drops to earth and becomes human, but he doesn't adjust so well and time is ticking by as well as interfering. Did I mention that Peter Falk (Columbo) gives a excellent cameo in both. I don't know why I liked it but it did and it got me thinking and the whole nature of the universe. I would jot down some of those thoughts but for now you can read my mind.


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