On Saturday I met up with my friend Etedal for a nice stroll along the South Bank. I love walks along the Thames, its not the prettiest river but on a sunny day it just so alive and calm at the same time. You can buy a book, see some art, watch the skater kids perform tricks, get some good food and take in the fresh air (well sort of) all whilst having a nice walk. So after some ice cream, loads of coffee (much of it being spilled) and some well-deserved cake, we went off to see Cyclops! (Over in the Scoop by the London Assembly building). The production was only 50mins but well worth it, both funny and true to Euripides play, the whole crowd loved it. I have to say their impression of a teen boy band had me in hysterics and the Cyclops itself was fantastic if a little scary. It's free its fun and a really good way of enjoying the sunshine while it lasts, plus you get a fantastic view of tower bridge and if you go early you can pop in to Borough Market.

We also headed over to the Oyster and Seafood Festival, with steel pans, a live band and pirate ship. Alas after all that cake I didn't have space for those tasty treats but next year I'm not eating for a week before we go.


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