bad booty

How cute is this little Panther cub?

I was looking for something to get me over my Monday blues so normally I read Fark or some other funny news site to cheer me up. This morning I had the pleasure of coming across this

'BURGLARS opted for a speedy getaway after they found eight severed human heads...'

It's not as awful as it sounds but rather funny. Yes I have a rather dark sense of humour but it got me thinking, people have all sorts of weird weird collections, like those strange people who keep their toenails, stuffed animals etc. So I wonder what else burglars might have found on their travels, because people are by nature odd, this really can't be a rare phenomenon. Thus I've given it a name 'Bad Booty'. Any other suggestions?Cases of Bad Booty ? Answers on the back of a postcard...


  1. The panther is soooo cute. Too bad they can't stay little like that forever. As for synonyms for 'bad booty,' how about 'shoddy swag'? :)

  2. Shoddy sway! I love it, its for the robbers in black and white Pyjamas!

  3. '...severed human heads...'

    That is a PRECIOUS little baby panther..

  4. Hello Shadow Falcon I am at Boston high school student please may I use this image for my school prodjact about wild care thanks alot.

  5. Hi student, yes you can use the image as it just one I found from a free source. If you are looking for information on wild animal conservation try the WWF and ZSL

    Take care SF


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