1st September

Its 1st September, I feel like I should be running out to Woolworth or WHSmiths and buying loads of stationary, for some reason I feel I need a new pencil case. This it the first September when I won't be a student. (I finished my Masters last October) So that means after 19 years I'm finally and firmly stuck in the real world. I've been fighting it since I got my degree and started working full time (kept telling myself technically a post grad is still a student, just an even poorer one). But now September is here, the years beginning (in my head) and I have to accept work is life...did I mention how boring my job is?

Anyway I've been caffeine free for a whole year now and on day like today, when I'm super tired and need the artificial energy, it really sucks, thank goodness for decaf. But we do have free biscuits unlike Bristol City council who found that they could save £25,000 by cutting biscuits from their spending! What will the use this new found cash for? Stopping rampant Seagulls...

I kid you not.

Normally I'd find this insane, but after encountering the savage seagulls in Sydney I'm hoping more get eaten by sharks.


  1. The seagull in your photo has elected to carry his safety pin, just in case someone tries to throw him to the sharks. No false sense of security on his face.

    Congrats on your higher academic achievements. Now get to work!

  2. Congrats on the end of studentdom (or whatever it's called). Sorry about the whole work is life thing. Believe me, as our summer winds down and I head back to work after 3 days off tomorrow morning, I know what ya mean. It is tough to accept.

    Congrats to on the no caffeine. That is something I need to do. I'll use you as my role model!

    Have a good week.


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