Visual Paradox

This website is so very very cool Visual Paradox

I love stuff like this, thanks to my sister Escher is one of my most beloved artists. He practically started the who amazing graphic paradox art things. You can read about him here

While I'm on the subject I really love those black and white photo's from 1920 -60 of idlic life. They are usually on the front of blank cards or randomly in magazines but some of them are so very baeutiful. There used to be this huge print of one in the window of the Kodak shop in Holland Park (not sure if its still there) of this women on a beach leaning over to pick something up, that I always looked forward to seeing. It was just so serene. One of my favourites is this photo of Embankment at night, its all dark and broody and there is one lone figure just standing looking out at the Thames. Not to mention Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam, 1932.


  1. Oh my god, I have finally discovered what the guy's name is. Amazing works, use to stare at it in the Maths department corridor at uni, when I was waiting to see a lecturer. Of course I don't do that very often because I would have been bored of it after 3 years.

  2. I love Escher, one of my favourite teachers in school had a couple of prints in the classroom, and I'd just stare at them constantly..


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