Tom and Jerry

I read in the paper this morning that scenes from Tom and Jerry are going to be edited (in the UK by Boomerang) to disgard any smoking, so that children don't get the wrong idea. Has the world gone insane?

I know for a fact I never watched Tom and Jerry and thought to myself, here's a cat that gets beaten up daily by a rather tubby mouse and look he's smoking a cigar, that must be cool! I mean do they really seriously believe children are that pathetic. Years ago they took out a few things that were considered racist, which is completly understandable, as they were offensive. But Smoking is a matter of personal choice, I don't snoke myself and thing its a horrible habit that kills thousands of people each year but if its awful enough to be edited out of television surely it should not be tolerated at all i.e Banned. So I ask again has the world become that ridiculous, do we really believe people are such sheep. Surely kids and adults have the to right to see things as they are and decide for themselves. You can't protect children from everything, education not cersorship is the key.

I must be very lucky to have never gotten the urge to hit a cat with and iron after watching an episode. My point is not just about smoking but how far will we end up going with censorship? Will the end up banning Tom and Jerry all together for its violent content...Will the news stop telling us about all the war, death and murder in the world incase a child happens to tune in...where do you draw the line...

Tom and Jerry is timeless and I for one LOVE it just as it is.


  1. He IS kind of tubby, isn't he? I'd never noticed that before.

  2. He's soooooo tubby, its part of his charm, though I'm on Tom's side all the way. I mean he's just a hungry but very dumb kitty...

  3. Lol, I knew this would come up as soon as you have read the article.

    I have to admit I always thought Tom and Jerry was a little violent and cringe on occasions, though there are some ingenious tricks and surprises

    With the smoking ban, the first thing that crossed my head was ok, I did not think much of it. (you may attack me later)

    Jerry tubby, I am a tad offended, he is just the right proportion (in my head)

    Overall, after thinking about it I suppose you are right.


  4. You know, when you watch them, early Disney cartoons aren't much less violent than Tom and Jerry sometimes. Especially those filthy scavengers Chip and Dale...yeah I'd be wary of them!


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