Space the Final Frontier

For my 21st Brithday my dad bought me a car, I don't have a drivers license and failed my test 6 times. So as much as I love the car (named the Green Hornet) I've never been able to drive it, my sister drives it instead, she failed her test 8 times so there is hope for me yet, if I can ever be bothered to take the test again. Anyway my dad also bought me a book called "The Universe in 365 Days". In a way the book was a better present then the car. As a kid I used to dream about being an astronaut, actually getting to go out into space, to really touch the sky. But I think I wanted more Star Trek then NASA. Well I can't go to the stars yet but at least we can see them.

I love this book and anyone who liked yesterday's link will love it to. It's basically 365 of the best images taken by the Hubble telescope. Now I know you can look at these online but the book also has very interesting and easy to read explainations for what the images are (for non-physics geeks). I think its incredible that we can see a star forming millions of light years away. We can see other planets, distant galaxies and all the space inbetween. How incredible is that...

I think its really sad that people don't get excited about space anymore, I'd still love to go and watch a shuttle lanche or anything like that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that kids are still interested and one day we really will be able to fly off to Mars or Andromeda for the week.

My personal favorites are the Eagle Nebula and Lagoon Nebula (seen here).

For All us Sci-fi geeks look here...Starship


  1. 'I think its incredible that we can see a star forming millions of light years away'

    I agree, not only far away, but looking into the past too!

  2. I have this book too. I found it amongst the sale books at work (cover slightly damaged, nothing wrong with the actual book), but I have to be honest and say I haven't much looked at it!


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