Scruffy Duffy

Scruffy Died yesterday.

He'd been in Eoin's family for the past 12 Years. He was wonderful, the most happy-go-lucky dog you'd ever meet. Always smilling with his tougue hanging out and tail wagging. Such a pretty dog but never too bright which just made you love him more. Jumping in to the sea, eating mangos and cheese. Never to shy to give you a big slobbering kiss or hide under your chair when fireworks scared him.

We'll all miss him.


  1. Obviously not mangos and cheese together! That would be weird!


  2. No small thing, about your dog. Our Golden just had a growth removed from her paw on Monday and an infection on her face excised. Feared the worst. She's limping around w/ a bandage on her paw and a cone on her neck. Part of our family. I'd cry if she left us. Which of course she will. Or me her.

  3. Sorry to hear about Scruffy, that must be so sad :(


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