Saving Fish

I just finished Amy Tan's newest book 'Saving fish from drowning' this morning. What struck me about this book was how very easy it was to read. The story followers a group of 11 tourists who go missing in Burma. The best thing though is the narrator, her voice just stucks you into the book, guides you through the events and sidetracks in to rather amusing anaedotes. But she's able to balance to development of the characters and the political commentary on Burma itself.

Being Bengali, I'd heard and learn a lot about our Burmese neighbours from my father. But I was shocked to learn how much he hadn't told me. I guess parents tend to leave out the very unpleasent stuff and wait till your old enough to read up on it yourself. Anyway, if you've got some free time give it a go.


  1. I think I've tried reading loads of her books, but I'm not sure I've ever finished them...


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