Roman Britain

On saturday Eoin, my father and I packed into the car and headed out to St Albans, the site of Verulamium the thrid largest Roman town in Britian. Which was at one point destoryed by Queen Boudica. Despite the sudden and bizzare fits of rain we managed to run through the fields and see the Roman theatre and unearthed mosaic. The museum was pretty interesting and really managed to potray what everyday Roman life must have been like the the 2nd and 3rd century. Something I'm sad to say you didn't really get a chance to see in Rome itself.

Now I hate modern histroy, but I love stuff like this, really being able to access a past that we can never truly understand. Little glimpses that can utterly surprise you, both my dad and I were shocked bythis beautiful clear green perfectly shaped glass vase, it was over 1700 years old and still in almost perfect condidtion. Makes you wonder how much of our civilisation will be left in 2 thousand years time.


  1. That sounds like a really nice day out! Sadly, I had to look up on a map where St Albans is, and it's not far away, I can drag Nigel to come see it with me sometime!


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