Reliving the past

Recently Eoin and I have been re-watching loads of old TV shows and this months flashbacks are "Lois and Clark" and good old "Angel".

It is funny how your memoary can play real tricks with you, for example - what on earth was attractive about Dean Cain, sorry but I just don't see it anymore. At least it is still fun, though its odd watching the first season again as the have the wrong Jimmy. I had forgotten about the chief's love of Elvis and just how cheaply produced some of the super hero bits are, its almost comical! I have to point out that I still love the show, cos it concentrates more on Clark being a journalist, trying to be normal then Superman.

On to Angel, I was just reading up on this on IMDB and found out that Doyle (Glenn Quin) died of a drug overdose in 2001, which make me pretty sad while rewatching the first season. Yes I get way to involved in the characters. Eoin and I were talking about this yesterday, I think I empathise with everything, movies, tv, songs and books. I can't help it, to me the whole point is to put yourself the the place of whichever charcter and live what they are experiencing, I find it more enjoyable that way. To me a bad movie etc is one where I can't engage with the protagnist. Eoin on the other hand has a more analytical prospective, he sort of steps back and looks at the thing as a whole then thinks it over, I don't get it but it seems to work for us both in its own way. Sorry just rambling a little. So I never liked Buffy (I can hear all the shocked people from here) don't get me wrong I LOVED the movie, it was so off the wall and funny. The series, well I just couldn't stand blondey, she couldn't act and just didn't convince me even in the slightest. This didn't stop me watchin 6 season of the show (must get round to 7 at some point). Angel was something else, it had two characters I didn't like that much but from the very first episode I saw I was hooked. I got to really like all the characters they bought in, for some reason it just worked, unfortunatly it did go down the x-file road to ruin, the uber story arc after story arc but it was still good.

As I'm talking about it, I have to mention the Faith prison break episode was super cool!


  1. OK, I'm glad you didn't write TOO much about what happens in Angel - I have all the boxsets, I just haven't gotten around to seeing them. I was SHOCKED when you said Doyle had died, but REALLY died. I loved Doyle. I even liked him in Roseanne. And wow, you're the first person I know who's seen the Buffy movie and liked it (apart from me)! We've started watching old TV programmes too..


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