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My family are notorious for taking day trips. We all pile into the car and drive in a random directions to see a castle, a cave, a beach, cliffs, animals, etc. These were such a massive part of my education as a child. My sister and I would learn about all sort of things you've never hear of in school. My dad was especially good at getting us kids to appreciate history and nature and a million other things. We'd be excited for weeks about which trip we were taking next, where would we go, what would we learn, to us school trips were a let down as there was no freedom in them.

But as we got older the problems began. My sister and I did not really get along very well and my mother tended to over react to everything. We'd usually arrive at the destinations and have conflicting opinions on what we want to do, then there was the issue of lunch. We ALWAYS bring one but my sister tends to make such a fuss that we end up buying a separate, over priced one for her. The result is that no one is speaking to each other by the time we get home. So the day tripping was abandoned for years. I missed it like crazy, in fact we all did, it was one of the few things we all loved doing together. Now all families have their internal insanities but this sort of held us together.

Recently we've been on a few trips with the five of us (my family and Eoin) and thanks to the fact my parents adore Eoin they've been marginally successful. Now I LOVE day trips I really do, despite the petty stuff but Eoin gets Car sick.

What I need to know is does anyone have a cure for car sickness?


  1. not getting in a car? :P

  2. Great reply

    car sick tablets

    Something to distract him such as games, etc.

  3. I love daytrips! For our family growing up it was the camping trips we'd take - everyone loved them, but everything went rapidly into non-pleasantry like your family very quickly.


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