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Top five news headlines I've read today...

1. A SYDNEY brothel has started offering petrol discounts of 20c per litre to clients in a bid to boost business, claiming that high fuel prices have hurt the sex industry.

2. M&M off 2 million sweets for the safe return of Edvard Munch 'The Scream'

3. Police in South Africa say they don't have enough squad cars to get to crime scenes, so minister of safety solves the problem by telling them to ride donkeys or bicycles instead

4. A MAN calling from Dallas in the US has helped foil a burglary in northern England whilst watching a Beatles-related webcam over the Internet.

5. A CHINESE woman crashed her car into an oncoming vehicle while attempting to teach her pet dog how to drive, state media said today.

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  1. They're funny, but they remind me of being in hospital.

  2. Too funny! I really need to start checking out Fark instead of CNN. I had missed all but #4, which seemed to get a lot of press in the US.


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