Life without music...

Wow you have to see this guys art, its increadible...

I lost my i-river yesterday, ok well I only thought I'd lost (I'd left it in my draw at work) but this didn't stop me panicking until I found it this morning. Anyway it got me thinking, if I had lost the thing permeantly I would have been crushed, as it has almost all my music on it. These day we can walk around with a lifetimes worth of entertainment in your pocket. Even if it had video on it, its the music I'd miss. As I wouldn't be able to replace my player for a while, the idea that I would have to walk around for however long and not be able to just listen to what ever song I felt like really bugged me. It felt like I'd been condemed to a world of silence. Taking those awful long bus journeys with nothing to distract me, sitting here at my desk working on some boring Tax paper, the world a vacumn of emptiness. Music can make you happy when you miserable, it can reach you when people can't, can express your most secret emotions, lets you vent your angry and can inspire. Can you imagine what life would be like without music?

I've oftern wondered how deaf and blind people preceive the world. Is it different if your born with the condidtion then if you develop it...I guess the question there is, is it worse to know what it like then lose it or not know at all. It makes me think of Beethoven, how awful it must have been while his ear were failing to miss all that he created and cherished.


  1. LOVED the street art - I'd seen them a few times before already, but I also like seeing it from the other angle, the one where you can tell how he made it look like that. Not sure if all that made sense!

  2. Its odd, thought I had been keeping up to date with this blog, I do not recognise Friday’s (this) entry.

    You went quite deep there with the Beethoven part.

    I have to admit, I would be lost without my ipod, it contains everything, photos, music, video, etc, which I should really backup on my computer. The music collection would definitely be a nuisance. Mine has increased by a substantial amount thanks to friends and family. I just dump everything on good or bad because I could, then have trouble finding music that I would like to listen to. I have to agree with music matching ones mood though. I love putting my headphones in when I am pissed off especially at work and ignore all the stupid and annoying people around me.

    The artwork was pretty amazing; I had originally thought it was Photoshop.

    Mortalchild signing off


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