La Grande séduction

I went to my favorite place last night, the library and after only spending 30 mins there (a world record for me) I arrived home with a few books, a few comics and some DVDs. So we watched 'Mysterious Skin' thinking it was about aliens - so very very wrong - so not about aliens - try child abuse!. After that horror, really wasn't in the mood for anything serious plus I don't think the movie actually made a statement or did anything new, so if I was you I wouldn't bother with it.

Anyway, we threw in 'Seducing Dr Lewis' , its this Canadian/French film set on a small island fishing community that needs a Doctor in order to get a factory to open so that everyone can work (the fishing dried up years before hand). Cue the funny and silly ways they try and win the naive guy. I have to say it and I know its a cliche but it really is one of those 'feel good movies' in a weird French sort of way. You've got to love quirky cinema it what spares us from tripe like the insanity that was 'Batman and Robin' {shudder}.


  1. I would have done it 20 if the kid in the que in front of me hadn't been soooo chatty, (at least they could read). I have to limit myself to short amounts of time in there otherwise I check out more books the I can read!


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