Its my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

I'm 24 today.

For most of my life I've had the sort of birthdays most people need therapy for. My own mother has forgotten my birthday on more then one occasion (though she have NEVER forgotten my sisters). The worst was probably spending more then 48hours on a train from Calcutta to Delhi if I went into the details I'd get weepy again. I know loads of people have it far worse, I'll try not to dwell, but since I've been with Eoin he's always tried his best to make sure I was happy. One year he got Ice Hockey tickets! Now I've been a hockey fan since I was 10 and saw "Youngblood" (awful movie I know but I was a kid) and we got NBC so I could watch the Red Wings play every Saturday on the NHL weekly highlights show. But until that year I'd never seen the game live, I don't think I've ever had a better birthday.

This year Eoin, who kindly puts up with my miserable moods, has been very sweet as usual and bought me a whole variety of presents :-) The best and most thoughtful being a box easel. I've been painting (rather badly) for years, usually on cheap canvasses, cut up wooden boards and other pits of left over space (Like wardrobe doors). I used to spend most of my time in my parents garage working on one thing or another, but since I moved out I haven't really had the space, now all of that is solved.


  1. I do not agree with the rather bad paintings, for those that do not know this girl, it is a lie.
    Can't wait to see this easel.

    This might the only reason I want a guy, right going on that mission. (not!!)

    Hope you have a great day today, and if you must, you can cry but hopefully from tears of joy.

    Lots of love and hugs


    ps. there may be more coming on Sunday but don't hold your breath

  2. I agree with anonymous. Even though I haven't seen much of your work, the one you painted for Boy's baby shower was GREAT! And will always have its place in his room...
    PS - I can totally relate to terrible birthdays.


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