Free at Last

Free at last, Free at last, thank god almighty I'm free at last.

My sister is now offically married, I could not be happier. The four days of the wedding were a bloodbath, filled with tears, relife, joy and screaming. But its all over now and I'm just trying to think of a way to sleep under my desk without anyone noticing. I would tell you about all the petty things that make wedding absolutly horrible but I actually enjoyed mine.
Anyway I'd rather not depress you, more fuel for the autobiography...

So I was flicking through channels yesterday and came across some american show called 'high school reunion', from what I figure they take 30 somethings that went to high school together, throw them on an island and prove that nothing has change, cue the crying and cat fights. What seems to be a the theme is that high school can really mess up your life, well duh you were a teenager of course life sucked. But its tempoary, hopefully you grow up and get your act sorted out. The fact that these idiots went back for more punishment proves that they deserve everything they get.

Family on the other hand is a totally different matter, the thing with family is that they can be the best thing ever and the worst thing. If your like me, you loath most of your relatives but can't help feel guilty about it. In fact its the guilt tripping that make everything so damn annoying, even when they aren't doing it, you still feel it. The worst part is you can't trade them in for a new set, your suck with them forever, so you go through a cycle, and after a while you reason with yourself that its not that bad and back you come for more abuse.

Hello people I'm miss Doormat, just beacuse we share some DNA please feel free to trample all over my life and feelings, Thank you


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