It going to be one of those days, we are meeting my father-in-law tonight for 'a chat'. Before I continue and for those who didn't read my blog the last time he was in town, my father-in-law is a different from most other people. How bad can he be? For tonight's drinks, despite already talking to my husband and organising things, we have to go through his PA:

"Can we fix for you to meet up with your Dad when he is in town this week? He suggested 5.15pm on Thursday but need to sort venue. If you can let me know if this works for you and maybe suggest venue?"

The guy obviously thinks he is a celebrity and his kids (though they are all adults) need to be scheduled in, lest they interrupt his oh so busy life. Farce I tell you Farce...


  1. Farce is not a strong enough word!


  2. Perhaps you should contact his PA to schedule a teleconference so you can tell him that next time he's in town if he doesn't contact your husband his own damn self, he’ll have to find his own venue and some different dinner company. ;)


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