Bad Coffee, Good Movie...

We went and saw "A Scanner Darkly" yesterday which was rather bizzare and insane (so very Phillip K Dick) and the animation was fantastic but I can see that this is the sort of movie you either hate or love. Speaking of movies, if you have time go see "Lady in the Water", I loved it. It's possibly M. Night Shyamalan best movie, but I know Eoin will argue the case for "Unbreakable". Then again I have a weakness for anything fairytale related.

Anyway, so the point of this post was to moan about bad coffee, you see before the movie I grabbed some coffee from Cafe Culture (alas it was decafe as I'm still off the caffine free thing) but it was awful. Instead of forking out for Starbucks (who do really nice decafe even if they are taking over the universe) I went somewhere else cos I had a voucher. I know I know vouchers are the bane of life, they make you go places and buy things you'd never normally consider. I've learnt my lesson.

So here is my Good Coffee Chains top 5...
1. Seattle Coffee Co.(they are all gone now, bought by Starbucks but my they were fantastic and will always be at the top of my list).
2. Starbucks (yes I know I'm just like everyone else)
3. AMT
4. Esquires
5. Cafe Nero

5 places not to have coffee...
1. Cafe Culture (in the Torccadero)
2. Costa, I've tired over and over again, it just tastes vile
3. National Gallery, its pricy and not very nice, but most museum food is like that.
4. The Collesium in London (good Opera bad Coffee and I mean it tasted sour...)
5. Any fast food place, you'd have to be ill to order coffee from Burger king.


  1. I thought I read somewhere that Lady in the Water had some terrible reviews, but we'll definately see it sometime, and I can't wait. I've loved all of his films!

  2. I try to avoid Starbucks as I'm not into supporting global domination. The problem is that when you want coffee, they are on every single street corner. Burger King coffee? That's a Whopper of a mistake...

  3. I know, I should know better the being another slave to the buck and I do. London used to have loads of indepenedant coffee shops and cafes now the Cafes are very expensive and the independents are all Starbucks or some other chain alas. But it really is the only place to get a coffee you can both drink and afford...I'll just go back to hidding in the corner, at least its fair trade. Heaven know you can't buy a good cup of Tea anywhere.

    Ohhh ignore the reviews they are always so jaded.

  4. I meant Michelle ignore the movie review...just realised I wasn't making sense...

  5. A word of warning: if you ever come across a "Seattle's Best Coffee", its name is somewhat of a lie.

  6. I recently made the mistake of buying coffee at McDonalds. They 'upgraded' to Newman's blend and it was supposed to be better coffee than what they served before. Lies, lies, lies. It's still awful. I took one sip and threw the rest away. I will stick with Starbucks!


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