Water Water

Summer is here or so it seems for a few days before it changes its mind. I love summer, the heat, the long evening and the extra energie but I almost always get dehydrated. Why, well cos I'm rather silly and often just forget to drink some, this year I'm trying my best to remember but I'll probably never hit 2 litres a day.

So why the water obsession, well in Rome I noticed that most places we went had these lovely public drinking fountains. We only bought one bottle of water and just kept refiling. Now a lot of people think of bad hygeine or just don't like them, but these fountains were great, the water tasted nice and refreshing, it was cold and exactly what you needed (and frequently) in such weather. I began to think we need more of these in England as bottled water can be ridiculously expensive and people frown at you if you dare ask for tap water.

Having never thought too much about the issue before I was really interested to read this article


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