When I was a kid we just to live in Neasden and I remember there being a real community between the neighbours. One in particular was Mary, an absolute gem, who lived across the road. She had two kids the same age as me and my sister and would often baby sit. Even after we moved house, we often went back to visit her.

She remembers very distinctly that one afternoon when I was 3, she was looking for a way to entertain me, so I ran up to her with a video tape and proclaimed that I wanted to watch Superman. To her surprise I'd manage to pick the right cassette from the massive collection of videos she had. When she asked me how I knew this was the tape I replied (in my know it all voice) 'well it says S-man so thats got to be it' as if she couldn't read. Both Mary and my mother claim that I would watch the superman films over and over again (though I was very scared of general zod and still can't speak of the electric woman in 3) and it was the best way to get a few hours peace.

So we went and saw Superman returns on Friday, or should I say 'Superman day' as Eoin had deemed it. I'm sad to say I didn't love it but it was good. I think two things were missing which kept it from being right the first being Lois Lane's missing spine and second but most importantly Christopher Reeve.

Lois Lane was always hard as nails but totally scatty thats what made her different the new Lois is BORING! I frankly did not care about her whatsoever. Brandon Ruth on the other hand was a pleasent surpise and actually manged to convince he was Superman, but wierd not entirely Clark Kent. No one can do the transistion between Clark Kent and Superman the way Christopher Reeve did, his entire demeanour changed, it was totally plausible that people didn't recognise him.

Oh well I think in my three year old eyes nothing could ever be as good as the 1978 movie. For a long time I think I actually believed in that back of my mind that Superman was out there saving the world (in this fantasy his cousin Supergirl may have been there too but thats a whole post in itself).


  1. Went and watched Superman after my management training course yesterday because thanks to myself I did not watch it with you guys. The walk between cineworld and Hammersmith station is long.

    I have to admit I was disappointed too, Yes Lois Lane was boring, but Superman having a child is strange too. I am not sure about the Perry and Jimmy either.
    One thing though it really felt like something directed by Bryan Singer (obviously I know it was) especially when Kevin Spacey was at the platform taking the crystals, it reminded me of the scene in X-Men with the room (lost the name in my head)

    I will need to watch the first 2 Superman’s again as I cannot remember some of the things that have happened

    Anyway if all goes ok, I am going to attempt at watching Pirates of the Caribbean tonight at West India Quay, hopefully I can find my way there.


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