a sickie

Everyone at some point has done this. You wake up in the morning, you are exhasuted, your hoping your phone will ring any moment and someone will be saying 'You don't have to go to work today (insert insane reason here i.e the building is riddled with a plague of rats)' and you could just stay at home guilty free. But no, instead your alarm goes off and you have to try your best and drag yourself to the bathroom, all the while wondering...should I call in sick? Or course you don't and end up at working doing the most tedious jobs, whilst coming to the realisation that had you taken today off nothing owuld have happened.

I had one of those mornings today, for months now I've been awfully busy with barely time to breath and then I got there, the calm few days before it all picks up again and my oh my how I'd love to stay home, but I can't. I'm trying my best not to give in to the fake sickness cycle even though it calls to me. I wish that when I've done all of my own to work on they'd let me go home but alas it just doesn't work that way. So here I am waiting for my work to come in, doing someone else a favour to pass the time. Just counting down the days till my next day off.

Then I being to wonder about all the people that are out there who must feel exactly the same way I do and about those lucky souls who wake up in the morning and look forward to thier day. I mean who are these people and how do I get one of those jobs?


  1. Arr a sickie, yes there was an article in the Metro saying that though there has been a decrease, people working for the public sector still take a large amount of sick leave more than private sectors.

    That feeling of not wanting to go in can sometimes be very strong.
    Take Monday for example, after spending a whole week and not going to work and supposedly doing my assignment, I had managed to only finish 2.5 out of 4 questions and had to work till 01.30 on Monday morning to accomplish it. Monday morning, so wanted to call in and say I am ill or I am not coming in because I have to do my assignment, but alas I could not do it because:
    1. I was not sick.
    2. I have taken more sick in the place I have worked now than my previous job though I had worked at my last place twice as long.
    3. I could not bring myself to admit that I was procrastinating all week to my manager and expect her to sympathise especially for the fact that there are only 3 of us to do 6 peoples work.
    Anyway I was contemplating about calling in even when I was on the train imagining an accident not being able to get in. Yes I know I have a twisted head but though I am saying this I did not want it to happen either. Come on lets be logical, if an accident should take place, I would end up in a hospital or a police station probably all day having everyone worried sick (I don’t care if you would not feel that way, amuse me) and not able to finish off my assignment for Tuesday.
    So arrived at work and it was real busy, sorted everything out legged home and finally finished and submitted the assignment at 04.00 on Tuesday morning. Grabbed several hours of sleep and went o start my next module with a new assignment. Don’t you just hate life. Sorry for going of topic.


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