Philip K Dick

Philip K Dick is probably one the best Science Fictions authors I've ever read. Though I surpirsed myself the other day when I realised, I've never read one of his full length novels only the short stories (which are fantastic). If you haven't heard Philip K Dick then I'd be rather surpised as Holloywood love filming his works: Total Recall, Blade Runner, Paycheck, Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly to name the really big ones.

So this morning I stuffed 'The Man in the High Castle' into my bag. The novel is set in the 1960 but in a world were the US never joined the Allies and Europe fell to Nazi Germany. I've only read a few chapters and I have no idea where its going but already I'm hooked.

The best thing about his stories is you really don't know where he is going, sometimes he just leaves the tale in the middle and the rest is up to your imagination. Some people hate this but I find it refreshing, some stories don't need an over explained detailed ending. Note: I hate the way Steven Spielberg ended Minority Report it was pointless, he did the same thing in A.I and ruined it.

My husbands favorite is a short story called 'The Little Movement', its about toys in a little boys bedroom (nothing like Toy Story), I won't tell you the story its better if you read it yourself but it does take a rather unexpected turn.

It's so rare now to find novel with original ideas in almost any genre most of them echo other books, that was the great thing about sci-fi it was fresh, you could do anything you could imagine and with Philip K Dick thats exactly what you got. In a way I think that was the point of Jasper Fforde's Well if Lost Plots, fictions needs a shake up to win people back from TV. Don't get me wrong I love TV but it doesn't compare to a truly cool book.


  1. Ooh, I might give him a try.. I've enjoyed most of the movies.


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