Sometimes family can be the best thing in the entire world and other times you wish you could take them to the shop and exchange them for a better set, then you realise nobody else has it much better.

The purpose of my ramblings today is to figure out why on earth we as sane human beans keep doing insane things due to wierd obligations.

Before I confuse you let me explain, my father-in-law seems to think his children should run along to heaven knows where, whenever some random person they've never met: dies, has a birthday, is in hospital, turns into a blueberry. He then gets upset should they object, under this reasoning 'I know them and have to care, thus you to must care! otherwise I look bad'.

My sister is notourius for the guilt trip, anytime something is happening in her life I'm expected to drop everything and be there, not matter how major or minor. She'll ask me to go to X which is fifty miles away from me but easy for her as she drives, and then wonder why I can't make it there. After that she'll try and make me feel guilty because her friend Y was able to go and me her own sister could not... When I need something from her, can she be found?

Worst of all the the obligation trick, you who have suffered from this know it well it goes something like this:
You having a nice conversation with a family member or close friend and they ask
'are you free X time?' (they already know you are as you've probably mentioned it)
'yes I'm free' (you say, thinking it might be something nice, like lets meet for lunch etc)
'If you don't mind can you do X for me...' (haha now you've admited your free you have no excuse and will carry out the favour even if you DO MIND).

Now they'll give you a piece of thier reasoning as to why they've asked you and not the other suitable candidates but at the end of the day your stuck. It's soo much worse when its family as if you try and back out of it a major catastrophe can occur. What upsets me is the fact that it's not really honest, most of the time I'd do to favour if asked straight out, its the obligation that bugs me.

Slowly you come to the realisation that you 'spare time' isn't yours at all.


  1. I love that cartoon even though Dilbert has never been my favourite. And I guess I'm lucky that I have no friends or family nearby that ask me to do shitty things.


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