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I couldn't be more happy that its friday. Even though I have a million little things to fit in this weekend I'll hopefully get to see some friends and enjoy my mum's cooking. Is there anything better then you own parents cooking? To me its like going back to being a child, every meal was delicious and more of a treat then going to some fast food place or a restraunt. Of course at the time the odd McDonalds was fun but I'd take home made food over that any day.

There is a phrase in bengali, translated it means 'by your own hand'. Its so very very true, it mean there is a certain satisfaction to eating a meal or dessert knowing you made this yourself, the flavours will be just right becasue you know how it should be. This is probaly why I love my folks cooking so much, its the spices I grew up with, other people can cook the same dish but it just won't be the same.

The other thing, is there has to be an element of love or passion when cooking, I know that the more I like what I'm making the better it is. The same for other people, I'll make better food for someone I like, then for myself. As much as I like eating out, that element is always what missing and I swear you can taste it in the meal. Every now and then you find a place that takes real pride in the food they serve and I promise you these are the places you want to eat at. Enough ranting I'm hungry now, time to find breakfast...


  1. Thanks, now I am hungry and want your mum’s food. Grumble

    Funny thing is I know you like your parents food but never heard you speaking so openly about it as you are usually screaming at them for making a fuss.

    See you tomorrow


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