The grass is greener

London has been boiling the last few days and I'm loving it. Summer is such a fantastic season, makes me feel healthier and more alive. I'd happily stay up all night in summer and could spend all day laying down in a garden. This lends to my theory that I'm part reptilian (in my case snake) and need direct sunlight to be truly happy. When the weather is like this I can't understand why anyone would want to be anywhere else.

The only draw back is the topless loons. They are everywhere we've all seen them, the men and women who walk around topless and or practically naked just cos its a tiny bit hot. I hate to be a pain but it is far cooler to wear loose fitting clothes made of linen then it is to walk around topless or wearing the tightest shortest thing known to man. Brains before skin cancer please...

What baffles me is the whole going away during August thing that Britain has. August is always fantastic in London, why leave? Holidays are always at their most expense, popular tourist places over crowded and the temperature is no higher. I'd happily leave these shores between November and early April, when daylight is a rumour you once heard but for summer I'm staying put. When else can I walk along the south bank, ramble through Hyde park, go to the Zoo a million times and see all the animals, eat outside at Covent garden or picnic with friends where ever suits, find random markets and all whilst wearing flip flops.


  1. Grrr… It’s ok for some (reptilian). I have been melting for the last few days, though yes you are awake till late it is not because you are energetic it is because it is so hot you cannot sleep and therefore exhausted the next day with random headaches.

    I know what you mean by loose clothing and agree about the topless.

    I think the going away for August may have something to do it with it being summer holidays. Remember you are technically not suppose to take kids away from school just for a holiday. Also it is a time that you have to spend with your kids and making I a different location where you could possible relax without the cooking and cleaning can be appealing for some. A random thought it could be because tourists are invading us therefore we are retributing by returning the favour. : )

    Anyhow, good day and hopefully a good weekend to all reading this

  2. I went out today in a spaghetti-strap top and came home with light sunburns on my shoulders and back. I wish I'd covered up, but I never learn..

  3. I like the sun. it makes cycling nice and I can pose by wearing my sunglasses!


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