Garfield is my hero

Every now and then I pick up a news paper and there he is, old reliable Garfield, making the world a little more amusing.

Now I know there are greats like Peanuts, Dilbert and Calvin and Hobbes but none can hold a candle to that lazy fat cat. Which is why a 3d movie version of him running around was bad enough but now there's a sequel and the worse part is a whole generation of children will grow up not know the true genius of this orange lump. They already ruined Dr Seuss's Cat in the Hat and the Grinch why must they continue!

If he knew or could be bothered I'm sure the cat would say it better, but there is something to be said about 2d animation. I mean who else understands that Mondays are the work of the devil, bed is the best place in the whole world and food is meant to be enjoyed!

Yes Toy Story was fantastic, like most pixar movies but I still love real cartoons. Recently they haven't been fantastic and good ones like Titan A.E are practically ignored but this doesn't mean we have make everything 3d to get kids/people to watch I mean Spirited Away proved that. At least anime is still going strong but I'll save that praise for another time.


  1. I LOVE Garfield. I think I asked my dad if I could be Garfield for Halloween once, but that would have been more complicated than he wanted (he sent me off as a witch, AGAIN) but seriously, he's the best. And I'm with you on the 2d animation, there was NO NEED for that terrible Garfield movie. (and I loved Titan AE, and Spirited Away)

  2. The Hizzle DizzleJuly 14, 2006 2:25 pm

    The Far Side is waaaaaaayy better than Garfield! and Calvin and Hobbes is funnier and I like Snoopy, but he's not as good.


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