Fun and Fonts

Its only a few more days until my sisters wedding. As wonderful as weddings are, I can't help but think they would be better if they weren't so much hassel. The awful part is that most of the trouble isn't created by the people getting married but everyone else. One family has one tradition the other family has another, one person want this food the other hates and so on and so forth until not one can remember why they bothered. Some how it all manges to work out on the day.

Anyway I was surfing the the web the other day and came across this really cool site, its fonts from movies and tv shows. Oh the fun that can be had.

Over and out


  1. hi..what was that font called? can you remember? I couldn't see it on the link. I have been looking for a Bravehearty/celtic font for ages.
    Alan Richards


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