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You know how I was talking about being guilt tripped into things by family, well guess who is spending Saturday in Wales...its a long annoying story so I'll yap about something else.

I have to say I really like the French cinema I've seen, the three colour movies are brilliant and loads of other gems. Then of course there is everything Luc Besson but Jean-Pierre Jeunet is quickly winning me over entirely.
We recently re-watched Amelie and I have no idea what it is about this film but it, all the quirky little bits, like when she turns to water and melts. Strangely I love how theI absolutely love movie is coloured with all those bright hues of green and red, just so beautiful and even though I always rave about it the soundtrack is probably one of my personal favourites. So after watching it we went out and bought A Very Long Engagement, I been put off seeing it as a few people told me it was pretty much the same thing but not as good. Teach me to listen to others without seeing for myself.

If you haven't seen it, do, it is fantastic. The movie does retain some of the quirky elements but has a more serious and sombre tone. The film is set in France around and after the first world war but manages not to compromise the character based plot, something that is very rare in films set around almost any war. The whole thing is filmed in these warm shade of yellow which makes the whole thing look like antique photographs. There something rather charming about this movie and despite the title it never give in to sentimentality but remains poignant.


  1. Can you believe I have A Very Long Engagement, and have had it for about a year and just haven't gotten around to watching it. I was hoping for something like Amelie, but I thought it might just be a little TOO serious, so I've avoided it. I think I'll have to give it a chance now..


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