Carpe Diem

Why does the weekend seem to move at hyper speed while the weekdays can drag?By Wednesday the weekend is a myth, invented to keep people going but your not sure if you'll ever make it, sometimes it can go by so quickly you find yourself back at Tuesday trying to recall if Sunday actually happened.

The world we know is driven by economics, people need money to survive. To buy food, have shelter etc but surely everyone need more in their life then the pursuit of wealth. I'm sure most people would agree that there are a million things in life which are more important then money but how much time are we left with to indulge in these things that make life worth living...

There are 168 hours in a week.

We spend on average...
42.5 at work
56 asleep (That's more then half the week gone)
15 Hours eating or preparing to eat
10 hours in the bathroom and getting dress
5 hours travelling (to and from work if your journey takes 30mins)
3 hours tidying, washing dishes etc
2 hours shopping for groceries

Leaving 34.5 hours of free time 25 of which is your vanishing weekend.
With 1.9 hours a weekday that belongs to you.

Of course it's never so direct some nights you have lots of time and others times you have none. This doesn't include all the other millions of things we do in our daily lives. Note if you have kids this goes into minus figures and I have no idea how you manage.

I shouldn't complain, millions have it worse. So my task (and I suggest we all try this) is to find those 1.9 hours and use them for something that makes getting up in the morning that little bit more bearable.


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