Big Bear Week

A lovely morning is out today, the warm glow of sunlight is brightening up the world and its nice and warm. Summer is fantastic.

I normally don't bother watching too much television and until recently our ariel was so bad there really wasn't any point but I'm hooked on Big Bear Week (BBC1 7pm). It is fantastic, I don't know why but I'm one of the those people who could watch animal planet for hours, but the BBC always go to extra effort to make thier documentaries that little bit better then anyone else. (I'll say my David Attenbourgh is the best, post for later).

The series is following Black bears, Brown Bears and my personal favourite Polar bears in Canada. I think its done by the same team who work on Big Cat Diary, who always name all the animals and get really invovled on the action. On Monday one of the guys was just a few feet from a Brown Bear and guide somehow manged to talk to bear out of getting any closer. I can't wait for more tonight!


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