back again

I'm back at work after a week off. Its amazing how a week how pass so quickly and still feel like a lifetime.

Rome was very different to what I expected, the Collesium and Palatine were incrediable. We spent the whole first day just wandering around the city going from site to site and random chruch to random castle. You couldn't have asked for better, the sun was boiling (and our room was a fridge) and there was plenty of ice-cream. Unfortunatly I hate how rude people in Rome are, the entire place is swamped, I kept getting vertigo in the Sistine Chapel (which is lovley but I think there are other places in the Vatican museum to rival it) becasue of the heat and sheer volume of people. Then there is the added bonus of almost being killed everytime you try and cross a road, its a real shame how polluted the place is as well. Rome is well worth seeing but unfortunatly its ruined by the modern world. You'd be standing somewhere beautiful like at the Trivi Fountain and the entire place is packed to the point were you can't move and begin to feel clusterphobic, now you want to stay and admire the fountain but you also want to breathe.

Its just a real shame, as sometimes you could almost get a sense of what it must have been like to live in ancient or Renaissance but then a troupe a tourists and horribly loud cars would throw you back and ruin it.

The rest of the week was nice, just went to the cinema and saw friends and got to sleep in. In a way when ever I go anywhere I always appreciate London a tiny bit more.


  1. Too true! Visiting a place makes you a tourist as well but mass gangs of them, getting in the way and often behaving as loudly as they can is really annoying. The Festival season is almost upon us over here and the tourists even clog up the shops.

  2. I hate festivals, people go crazy and the whole mob mentality takes over. I just don't understand why people feel they can act like totally rude idiots just because they are away from home.

    Good luck and I guess stay away from the shops if you can

  3. Well, welcome back anyway! And oh, I was going to say something else, but seriously I'm too tired to think of what that was anymore.


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