All work and no play...

I've said this before, but I really do possibly have the best boss ever. Maria is more like a friend who happens to sign my holiday form which means I work ten times harder for her then I would for the crone who runs the studio. I know that when (and if) I ever leave this place I'll do my best to keep in touch with her but I'm not so sure about anyone else here.

A guy at work is having his last day today and I'm going out to his leaving lunch but I was thinking, as much as I like this guy I doubt I'll ever see him again.You have a strange relationship with people you work with, they see you more then people you live with and people you are in a relationship with, but how much do you know them and vice versa. I find even though I had a millions jobs I've only kept in touch with a few people from one job at Books Etc. Maybe its becasue there was only about 8 of us and we all worked in very close contact but its strange that I don't even text anyone else. People wise, I don't think I'll get to work with such a strange, funny and different bunch of people, the job sucked but the people were fantastic, made it worth coming in to work. Things now are like this, I am bored to tears with my job there is no challenge and no possibilty of promotion, so I'm playing the apllication and wait game at the moment, but I know I'll never get such a lovely boss again.

Eoin and my friend Kum have a very different approach to work, they have like a box called work people and another called friends and don't really like to mix the two. On the other hand a a few people here have had the same job for 10 years and don't seem to have have any life or friends outside of this company.

I just find the work relationship dynamic interesting is all. I guess it depends on the profession, I know teachers who work in the same school for years tend to form closer relationships then thier office counterparts. People who move jobs every one to two year tend not to make any lasting impression especially in retail, which has a high turnover.

So my question for the void today is, if we don't make friends with co-workers how are we meant to survive the mundanitiy of work?


  1. I think it's because I'm such a fabulous person. Obviously.


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